Project3: "Collective Habitat" : "Eco-Housing for Tropical Architecture" by Manita Ruangwimolwet

 for Tropical Architecture



This project is about creating a 'Public Housing' for 
our chosen inhabitants. There picture below is details
of the 6 inhabitants behave and live their lives
with their daily routines are mentioned in the book.

In overall, there are 6 inhabitants altogether;
father, mother, daughter, son, aunty and grandmother.
These people lived in middle to high class society
and spent their money on luxury things.

While they are enjoying their comfortable lifestyles,
the 'Economic Crisis' happened in Bangkok
leading to failure of the family.
As a result, they are forced to move out of
their current living space and seek for lower 
cost of living areas.

Therefore, The site beside the Makkasan Train station
located huge farms with old train warehouses.
60% of the areas comprises of trees, therefore,
I have decided to remove all warehouses and 
replaced them with Eco Building.

Each building is placed quite distance from one another,
as I want the whole area to be a 'Farming Community'.
You can see that there is a huge common area in the middle
for people to gather around, as well as 2 sub-common areas.

People are helping each other growing crops and rear animals
so that they would get fertilizer and afford money to
improve their qualities of living.

There are 3 types of buildings; from the level one to the 3 levels.
 The triangle structure is inspired by the wall project
of the previous part, It is now adapted into facade
and building structure.

The facade is vertical garden, zooming into details,
Each pot plants are hung onto the jailing of a triangle,
while a triangle is attached again to a big structure.
Moreover, the roof of each building is a rooftop garden
where water tanks are located so that it could give
water runs through piping for each pot.

There are 2 kinds of rooms altogether, single bed room and
2 bedrooms. All of them are provided with basic facilities 
such as kitchen and bathroom.

The picture below shows the environment of people
inside the living areas looking out to the facade,
the greenery gives shading device and the glass walls
make it looks nicer and absorb more sunlight.

This is a physical model of a greenery facade.