Project lll : The Collective Habitat - Linear Solitude by Chayakorn Chulasai

Individuality II

This project is to  seek the solution and provide the exit for those teenage whom in the search of their identity as also looking for the place to live in solitude in the moment of their time. 

What is good about living with yourself?; the joy and satisfactions of do whatever you like as who you are. It's even fine even if you are living with the duplication of yourself, friend on the other  hand. Friend is a person whom sharing interest, thought with you. Unlike family member, they are related but not always share the interest with you.

As mentioned above, the conflict (mostly from not understanding each other) in family always happen not only in Thailand but all over the world, this building is their answer.

  The building located in Khlong Luang district, within the area of Bangkok University in order to serve the large amount of student as their temporary living.


the building itself is performing linear form in order to provides the inhabitant same view and to emphasize the idea of living in solitude, no one above, no one below and no one next to. 

Building Section

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(Part of) Building Plan

The policy of this building was set to the low stage of requirement and constraint in order to give 'a bigger frame' for those inhabitant to do various activity as they please.