Project III : The collective Habitat, Public Housing as 'Artist Community' By Nikki Kiatfuengfoo

This semester allows me to start the design from the smallest elements(Column, Beams and Walls)
 and develop the whole concept from them. After designed 3 these 3 elements I took the first 2 
which are column and beams as inspiration for further design.

Column : Each has Pentagon shape which allows lines(the beams) to be joined which run from the mid point of each which able to create asymmetrical plan.

Beams: The organic form gives special characteristic to the unit design, make it become such as expressive space.

When combine these 2 elements it able to create such an expressive unit which serves several functions response to the user in which the use of each area will be clarified below...

As the aim of this project is to design a public housing for future, says in next 10 years, 
Bangkok's condition also be considered. Traffic congestion will become very big deal that people,
 especially people who have their own small business, would like to bring back the concept of shophouse where they can live and work in the same place.

First thing is to design 1 unit which able to represent the idea of overall habitats.

This public housing aims for the one target group which inhabitants would be artists who have their own small/handmade business, don't need a big factory to produce their products.
 If track back to the form of the space it fits well wit the character of the inhabitants in which the space could also inspired them while they work.

Diagram on the right shows how the routine leads to the layout of the space organisation. Spaces are divided into several floors which each serves different functions. Start from the lowest floor which is more public as it provide retail areas and work space then the upper are more private as they're living area. 

Location is also important in order to scope the idea of how 100 habitats 
will be arranged to also fit surroundings. 

My chosen site is the area aside the Saan Saeb canal near BTS Ratchathewi, considered as central part of the city. It surrounded with condominiums which give sense of living area for inhabitants. Apart from being habitat, the whole space could be called as artist community which there are public areas apart from retail shops that allow visitors to interact with this designed community.

One important reason I choose this area is because it easy for the visitors to access and this district also gather the target group who interest in artistic fields as it contains of the Bangkok Art and Cultural centre and Art Studio design tutorial school. The specific area I chose also currently be the place where graffiti painters come to create their art work on walls so this place is going to be an area to gather the creatives.

I finally came up with the village-like arrangement which the units are put next to each other
 by turn the similar surface together which made the arrangement came up quite natural. 
Idea of the village also deals with the self-supporting system which in one village contains shops
 that cover daily needs (cafe, grocery, restaurant, post office, bakery etc.)

Apart from the units there are also areas for public usage such as middle plaza where vendors are allowed and also free space for outdoor gallery or other artistic activities the collaborate among inhabitants and visitors.

Plan of the middle plaza

Section show activities in each area

The unit and usage of each floor in relation to the inhabitant's routines

Units are grouped into several patterns, 1,2 and 3 units combine as 1 tower 
which each will have external stairs to access to the units.

Perspective of some public areas inside the artist community