Project III "Collective habitat : Multi-family housing for the low-income'' by TingTing Chaowirakit

             There are increasing number of people settling in Bangkok each year. It makes a total of more than 750,000 immigrants currently living in the city. Mostly, these immigrants come together as a group of friends or the people who originally come from the same village. These people come with a high expectation of earning more income to send it home. They usually find a jobs as street vendors or factory workers. As the time past, they might have met some other friends or even get married. The family expansion with the small income can become a major problem. There's question of how one could maintain the living standards without actually expanding or moving to the new living space due to their financial limitation. Therefore, The future public housing, in my opinion, should be considering 'Multi-family housing' where there is more than one family living together under one roof. The new housing should provide proper living facilities and most importantly, in the affordable prize. The chosen site is located in Klongsan Area where there's full of low-income people living together and work with in the market.   

                  This prototype feature 3 1/2 floors with the base area of 70 sqm2 and the total usage area of 150 sqm2. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and shared living/dining space. In concern of the social impact of having too many people living together under the same roof, the floor seperation will help give each family to have some private space where they can express themselves. The only area where they meet is the ground floor. The scale of the house is at its minimum size, the ceilings are low, the walkway and doors are narrow. This is the intention of requiring less space but acquiring more living quality. 

                      Overmore, from the exterior, the area that is exposed to the outside through glass panel is the part of the house that is 'public' which are the stairways, the living room, balcony. The area above the bathroom is placed by louvers instead of glass for ventilation proposes.  

                As the site has Klongsan canal passing through. The klong becomes the main circulation area of the whole site. The roads connecting the two entrances of this housing project become the pathway that connect everyone/units together as one. Although each group of housing has their own common area to do outdoor activity. There two larger courts that are virtually connected and can be used to host annual ceremonies for any traditional events of the village. It can also be sport fields for the daily basis