Project 3 : Slum permanent living house by Natchai lelatawornpanya

For the site i choose to use site in Sirikit culture Center zone because it is good in transportation, near MRT and rama 3 road, and also stay near the Ya soob hospital. i concern of the previous thing that i mention above because i think in the future all this thing will have an effect to a life so much

For the building i design by keep the idea of community in slum, so i try to design the plan that make people in the building have an interaction together and also encourage people outside to come to encourage business in this building too.

So i design the circulation in this building that all people have to walk pass the community zone in the building that help people to see each other. 

For interior i design the function that some furniture can move, so occupant can adjust they room to fit with they lifestyle by themselves.

On the facade i concern on the privacy of the occupant and because of the site that the opposite is Siriki culture center which much of people and may disturbe building by eve vision, so i design that facade the block the vision from the front but allow to see from the side which have less people than the front.