Project 3, "Resurge: Collective Habitat" by Channat Karnkorkul

Resurge: A Canal Renewal Project


Project Resurge is a public housing project that aims to influence people in Bangkok to live along the canal, as to the past where canals were an important part in Thai people's lifestyle. It will follow the concept of linear housing, where housing is built in linear, which allows the project to expand along the canal. The building is constructed by the support of a modular steel system that allows the housing on both sides to cantilever onto each other, that creates a bridge-like structure.

Although the project is to be implemented in all the canals of Bangkok, the first project is initiated on Baan Nang Chin canal, near the Onnut BTS Station. The reason for this choice is that the community around this canal has potential for development, and the width of the canal (5.5 meters) is perfect for the project. There are four varieties of massing and structure support that creates distinction between the project (shown in the diagram below).

The project aims to not completely embody nature, but give a feel to it and eradicate the present lifestyle of people while maintaining modernity. Thus, trees are planted throughout the canal and gardening is encouraged. With the steel system already supporting the concrete massing, it is possible for a number of openings that will allow ventilation and air flow.

The cantilevering structure of both sides of the building provides shade under the canal that creates a public space for interactions of the community. Activities and interactions will happen here, and allows people to connect with each other. It will try to influence not only the interaction between people, but also between the canal. Many activities will happen along the canal like food vendors, floating markets, gardening etc. The canal will be treated as people live side by side with it, with the water filtration system that each house will be provided with. 

There are bridges at different levels for people to cross to the other side to use the facilities. The unit itself is accessed via the stairs that reach up to the top floor. Units of the project is a typical room, suitable for middle-class people. Rooms are provided with only the essential things to comfortable and convenient living, but entertainment is not provided so that it influences inhabitants to spend their time outside their units and along the canal instead.

Above is some diagrams and technical drawings of the unit, and the facade on the outer sides of the canal (facing out). The facade system uses the similar structure as the main structure that creates the project except that it is installed with wooden water-proofing panels that create shade for the units below it.

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