Project 3: "LGTB Vertical Village" by Nattatida Damrongvisetpanit

Welcome to "LGTB Vertical Village"

Finally, it is the end of semester and I want everyone to go through the whole process of the project. First of all, I would like to start with the constructive elements (column, beam, wall). I chose beam as the main construction and used it to indicate the space. I also researched some important informations as reference of creating homosexual public house. So it is clearly to be understood that gays like being in the community not individual habitat and this is how I showed in my canonical view.   

For the further process, I started to focus on my site. The best location for LGTB Vertical Village is Pradist Manuharm road because it best fits with inhabitants. These diagrams explain all necessary informations provided in the site. 

In this phase, it is clear that all inhabitants are homosexual. So I offered them another choice of being in the same community that they are familiar with, and living as free as they want without any judgement. Most of them are embarrassed of being an open relationship couple. So living in this public housing, they would not have to confront with those problems because we are all equal.

Therefore, the entire building is designed to be open as much as possible. From the ground floor, everyone can look up and see all inhabitant, living atmosphere up to the sky from circle stairs. The elevators works at the main core system in this building because it places in the center of the building and surrounded by spiral stairs. If you look from the outside, you still see some units and circulation inside through the gab between units.

These show logic diagrams and all plans and section.