Project 3 : Hexagonal Twin Residence by Athitaya Kookitwattana

Hexagonal Twin Residence 

        In this phase, as the following part to the previous project which I have been dialling with hexagon shape. This project aim to fit 100living unit in the business area site with a relationship between the member of the units to interact in the shared space. There are different types of unit to suit various members of each family.

The twin residence are merged together with the club house as another shared area to interact with the other members of the residence.

Each living unit would have their own access by the private elevator , provided with their own private green space as indoor garden and separate bedroom on the second floor of the unit.

As the residence is located in the middle of the business area, it would be easily linked to the facilities provided in the area. The members would have a family home-liked living unit in the middle of the city.