Project 3 The community's pubblic housing

The community's public housing

Firstly, what you have to know is This project is design for the future of Bangkok, but I try to make you imagine like it in the present. (The manufacture is in the booklet that I going to describe)

      In Bangkok, Thailand, the government are provide a lot of public housings that for support the people who need the residential that not high cost, but sometime they do not concern of the site that they overlay by the public housing, so I try to design the public housing that not just for the people who need their space for living but I try to design the public housing that can lift up the quality of the people around and also keep the main aspects of the community. For the site that i chose to do this project is in the Chulalongkorn university's area we know as Sarmyarm 

In this booklet, I will show you the Chulalongkorn university developing plan and also land used. 

From the datas in booklet, we will know that Chulalongkorn university try to change the community to be the big commercial area by deleted all the community for build the complex or plaza or what ever they want, so I design the public housing and chose one big community in Sarmyarn which is Siankong community. In this community, the most of the people work about the auto-part, and also this community is the perfect community because it have all of basic necessity such as job, food, temple, resident. For the site, most of the building are shop houses that is the combination of shop and house, so my concept is back to the basic. you can see from this paper.

so I did the research for the the community and picking one people from there and ask about the daily life and his stuff

and then I use this information to design the unit or the private room for these person 

and then I use this unit to design the building which is public housing that will be relate with the community

This is my public housing design

The building with the context

The public space that on the building. I design this space to be open big area for the user has relaxing

The car park was provide at the ground floor for the car of the renter and some for the traveller 

this image show the section of the building and also show how is my concept work.

For this diagram, I want to show you how I design the form of building and why I go for this shape, and I also show more clearly shape and how the building look like in the elevation or side plan.