Project 3: "Collective Habitat: Redevelopment Gated Community" by Thanida Akkavutwanich

Gated Community
Site : Kheha Thani Village

The Site that I choose is located around minburi area which the land  is cheap princes than the city area. The reason that I chosen this site is because  in the near future this land can be a lot more expensive and the transportation would expand around the site. 
At the moment, the site boundary which is located in kheha Thani Village facing the problem as abandon the village  during the day because most people are working and the rest is stay in the house. Therefore this gated community does have any interaction between the house, 
It seem challenging for me to redevelop this community so that the place can bring about interaction back to the community

The site is quite private area because it's bounded with the canal form 4 side and there are many  facility around the village is school, banking , temple, market,hospital , etc. which make this site suitable for the family to live in but the only problem of the site is the lack of communication.
 Hence, the crime (no awareness for the other house). 

And another problem is the water drainage system , due to the land is set in the low surface therefore the 
water get flood often. 

By concern on this problem to redevelope the site first I have to think about : interaction and question how to bring this people together and also they can have a better life.

The new design of the village is to rebuild on the existing house. By taking off 96 houses can rebuild up to 100 living units ,plus the facility and get less-off the water flooded. 

The massing of 100 living unit can encourage the whole area to have more interaction. The massing can reflected the same building around the lake and become the whole community. This can make the interaction between two side of the lake, and the lake can be enhance to the people (by boat , fishing,bridge) .

The massing is focus to contain 100 units together with the facilities provided for the inhabitant , so the units is arrange on top of each other and shifting each other to create a shade and ventilation. By lifting the ground up it allow the inhabitant to have an extra space on the ground floor to be a garden , car park. 

By stacking the units on top of other and rotated around the site , is allow the inhabitant to capture the view around the site. And the road lead to the main entrance ,therefore people will come together at one place.

Basically, the massing is connected to the main entrance in the center and split into 3 building. Each building have the same facilities.  

On the ground floor , there is the garden the people can do activity together. moreover, the space underneath the building is the car park.

On the 1st floor, there is a floated garden in the middle of each building which contain the garden and the pool and many facility : Library, computer room, movie room , fitness, yoga, cafe,restaurant, meeting room. These facility bring people together hence, social interaction.

On the 2nd-3rd-4th is the living unit which arrange around the edge of the building , there is the free space in the middle to allow the people to see the garden on the 1st floor from the corridor. ( vision is another king of interaction). 

The plan of the individual unit is arrange by the system to have the shared area as possible. The wall is not completely on every side therefore from the center of the house can see almost area in the house. and the dome can reflect the people underneath which benefit in term of the indirectly interaction. 

This interior perspective shows the light shine through the roof to the shared garden on the 1st floor, moreover people is doing activities in the open space ( fitness, yoga, playground). The people on the 2nd-3rd-4th floor can see the activities that occur on the shared floor from the corridor.

This perspective shows the entrance view , the car and the people come together at the center of the massing to enter the building. 
The shading of the mass allow the people to do activity on the out door garden.

The unconventional geometry of the building can be support by the I-beam steel which make this massing light so that it can expand wide. In additional, The long horizontal window allow the inhabitant to seek the activity around the site.