Project 3 : 'Collective Habitat : Urban Proletariat' by Pongsatorn Jongaroontaprangsee

Urban Proletariat

Through the hard working of the final semester, the design turn to be success. For this final project, I came up with the most appropriate form ans system of building that really suit and respond to the life of construction workers in Bangkok. However, for my concept framing, it is about he futuristic which doesn't consider all the reality and actual laws in nowadays.

for focal area, it was a "Rama 9 Junction" which is in process of highrise construction so that this area is the best example for demonstrating the construction worker's life in the actual site. Basically, workers and site and surely related and interacted with each other in term of working and living. Most of them live and stay in the site till the construction process finish and they always change their home according to the location of the site.

This picture show the process of constructing the 'new worker's home' from the beginning of creating the foundation to the process of transfer the worker's units up to the building.

Finally, the building is ready for living. In this section you can see overall the system of the building such as the cable support structure , the drainage pipe system and the upper beam system which is the main structure for holding all the steel grid floor.

All of structures of this building is steel frame which can probably disassemble and reassemble again in any kind of situation. Thus, it provide a worker in the maximum level of flexible living and independent for them to think about what kind of rooms they really want and they actually can create their own rooms from their desire without any problems.