Project 3: "Collective Habitat: "the Unbound" housing project which encourage physical interaction in digital world" by Vasawat Dulyavit

    Future public housing in Bangkok which aims for encouraging physical interaction in digital world.  

We are living in this coexisting world of physical interaction and virtual interaction. The big concern here is that virtual world keeps changing all the time because of the advancement in indirect communication technology which plays an important role in the way people behave. moreover, it can even shapes the social culture for the  society.

Blurring the definition of boundary in order to encourage physical interaction.
A proposal of an individual living unit which can encour age physical interaction between people by connecting 
each single unit together to create one shared space for every unit owner. Moreover, a person can customise

axonometric drawing of Wat Glalayanamit Community
shows the potential in physical interaction.
Sanitation unit 01 
Consumption unit

Sanitation unit 02
Circulation Unit
Program arrangement
Site Plan
Rendering Show inflated facade
Rendering shows the building with surrounding religious architecture
Rendering shows massing of the building
Interior rendering show the atmosphere inside the building and emphasized the coexist world of physical and digital living.
Section through building
Structural model