Project 3: Collective habitat - ''The trader living center'' by Napat wongthanasophon'

''The trader living center" 

         Final page presentation.

           This is the final part of every design that I have, Firstly my unit is the place that support the way that make my client feel comfortable, because of the future my grandfather and my grand mother will old by the time and they will not have a lot of energy to go to the second floor or the third floor, right!! , So I try to think and manipulate the space in to the same level , the space inside have a different type of space
                   -Public space, this space is in the middle of the unit and this space is a shop business and It’s have an elevator in the middle of it which can be the way that customer can enter to my unit
               -Private space, this space is in the area around the private space, they have 5 types of room here, first is the bedroom, bathroom , kitchen, office and a shop room.

For the site, I choose sarmyarn ski 26, because they have an empty space between I'park and the other people house.
-Other thing is the area are having a lot of society, I separate into 3 part find the research every part.
  -First is sarmyarn that have a student, worker and the costumer.
  -Second is chula, this area are having only the student society.
  -Third os anree du hung road that have a worker, student, low income and homeless.

-First one is the chula bus, that have 6 line, and they drive around siam, chula and sarmyarn, So it's is easy to connect my buildings
-Second is the BTS, for the btw you can choose siam or sanarm gela, but sanarm ge la will closer than the siam.
-Third is the taxi driver, they can go any where if you want.
For the presentation, I am separate the pages in to 3 pages which have the first page is Exterior, Interior and the Drawings.

       For 100 units , I separate the space of the unit by created 20 buildings and inside of the 20 buildings have only 5 units, It’s mean 20 buildings will have 100 units for sure.
For the exterior
For the function outside the building, there have a walk way which is in the middle of the buildings zone 1 and zone 2, For the reasons that I separates the zone of the buildings an having a different level of  a walk way, because when you still in the walk way,  the visions will show every thing clearly, no matter you are in the lowest part of the walk way, middle part or the highest part of it, and when you have a different type  of walkway, It is easy to connect to every buildings.

Another function.
For another function is the walking street market downstair, I design to have this market,  because they have a lot of society here, this market will bring all of the customer such like the higher income and the lower income, SO this one is the other way to bring the costumer to my building, Fo the empty space around the unit, I change it to be the car park, That easy to enter my buildings buy using the transportation.

Interior, Perspective section and render of the bedroom.

    For the interior, function inside the building is not change so much, they have the same public and private spaces which have the shop business in the middle of the unit and have a bed room, bath room, kitchen and also the office.

 Tropical plan
 Site plan

     For the drawing part, I try to show the circulation between the walk way and the buildings
Isometric showing the site and the 100 units
     Showing the movement of the people around the unit and site for 400-500 meter.
    The section also show the different type of the zone, firstly is the zone that belong to the government and the other zone showing the zone that belong to Chula.

For this part I design it into this shape, because they can blind the vision of the costumer, by playing with the gap of the facade, when you walk into the left side you can't see inside of it also the right hand too. 
The way that you can look  through inside of it, you must to look face to face with the facade
For the function of the facade is the switch that can move the facade to the left and to the right, It's can make the customer feel privately by your own control, So my facade is not only to bloom the sunlight bit it also can block the visions from other people.