Project 3: Collective Habitat; Student Dormitory by Thanyathorn Mateekusontan

A building designed to be build as a condominium or a dormitory for university students. The setting is set around the campus area of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Where the concept of this project is basically has a purpose of differentiate areas of private and public or shared area.

Leading to the reason why the design of the massing units was designed to gather each unit together and create an enclosing building with the space where people can share, as well as having their private spaces in there own dwelling and private balconies.

The plan of the building shows there are only entrances in the ground floor of the building, where insiders use stairs or elevator located in the centre and side of the building. The centre area where is to be seen through looking down from each floor, is the area of shared space where it provides all the necessities of people's needs. 

The concept of a single unit is based on the idea of differences of depths of walls. Where the room is designed to focus on students' morning routines on getting ready to go to class; from the smallest details like where the toothbrushes will be placed that will provide the most conveniency, through the depths of walls where they defines space of objects to be placed in.