Project 3 : Collective Habitat " The Society of Social Addicted " by Thitiporn Trithepvilai

A space where the social addicted usually explore and share their life.

Since the social user has very unique lifestyle and activities,
i proposed a public house that creates a space of addiction and space of recovery
which are define in three levels, classifying by the hierarchy of privacy.
By the encounter, an enomous stairs give a feeling of  a theater lobby, this space is meant to be the point of attention, a space for performances. Continuing to the inside, with the most opened space aiming to create a one continuous space,
all are integrated into one. This included a furnitures where it is all combine and become a one element set specifically to the building. This are meant for inviting the people from the outside and
for hold up a large capacity of people.
On the second floor, five bedrooms are contained. Each rooms are similar to each other except how the openings gets bigger from one to another. This is because of the hierarchy of the room that exphasize a different views to the users. ( Framing a nature )
However, due to the statement that i've set
'Social addicted at some point wanted to be just no-one'
i created a private spaces where it could recover your soul and tranquilising your mind,
by the experiences through an architecture from a very enclosed spaces to a large window where it portrays a nature, lifestyle, and somehow serenity in the chaotic.
A collective space on the first floor.
A performance space at the encounter of the unit.
A private space where you could be
yourself the most.
A canonical view of the master bedroom

Moreover, at the highest space where the space are being treat by the darkness and by having a light of a round shape this is because by turn yourself in the darkness you starting to think about yourself and enclosed yourself automatically the focus point for now is you and the goal which is the round shape at the end of the room. This is inspired by the activities of Buddism people with the believing of life cycle and peacefulness. 
 The site is chosen at rama III road, where the site are the mix of the industrial area and the residential area. A majority of factory and shophouse.
The site are also nearby a river where it could be easily drag an attention to the user even if they are having their own world.
And with the arrangement of each unit,
its creates a collective space in large scale.
inviting people to even more participate to each others.