Project 3: "Collective Habitat: Single parent Community" by Jinapa Sanyong

 Collective Habitat


      From the previous phase I design the unit for single parent part so the site that I choose is at Saphant Phut. In the future due to the expansion of urban and business area make the land in the center area (Pranakorn side)so expensive so people has to move away from the center of Bangkok which the site that I choose is locate between both side of Bangkok near Chaopaya river easy to travel to both side of Bangkok also has a lot of facility that benefit for single parent such as school and easy access to public transport also has the nice view.

Single parent Community

·                      So for the final design of the public house for single parent for the design I using the same language with the previous part by using the shape that similar to my unit. Single parent has to deal with many pressure so if they live together they will understand each other because they are facing the same problem so my design is trying to create like the community for them so they will be many sharing space and public area to get every one to familiar to each other for example like the sharing kitchen as they will be no kitchen in each unit every on need to use the sharing kitchen, day care, swimming pool.

·    Units Plan

·                   For the unit there will be three different type of unit the studio size, the two bedroom for 2 person, The room for 3 person