Project 3: "Collective Habitat: Public Housing for Elder People" by Chaitawat Jirunakul

Public Housing for Elder People 

My site located on Charoen-Krung Rd., The first road for car in Bangkok. It actually
 be familiar space for my user to feel as home and close to the river to isolated
from surrounding.

My idea came from hexagon shape from the beams, walls and columns project. I 
overlay each floor and change the direction to create porch space on each floor.
The building have a hollow space on the centre for light to go down.

Beams and Columns Project

Site Plan you actually see the 2 building connected with circulation between.
The building close to the river to receive the vision from river and to 
isolated from the busy road.

       Ground floor plan 

Plan floor 3

Plan floor 11

Section Drawing

For my Project for elder people, as the perspective drawing you can see the 
space for user that need meditation space for the end of their life
and  close to the public transportation that their family can visit them.
The location be familiar to them. Meanwhile the site isolated from the 
busy space of the city to feel safe and peaceful.