Project 3: "Collective Habitat: Place of Integration" by Mairin Sirisahawat

Imagine that what if various types of people living together. No segregation of status. Everyone takes care of each other. This place that I'm talking about it's one kind of place that I would like to build if I have a chance in the future. The place that give people the sense of community that Bangkok people rarely perceive the real meaning of this word, like the rural people do. Not only you who might want to come to live in this place but also the dependent people would take the advantage of this space. Disabilities will receive the feeling of family and take the full treatment from a single person while normal people would also get the discount of the renting or sale.

There are 6 types of inhabitant in this habitat including kid, adult, elder, wheelchair, deaf and blind.

Link to Inhabitant Report

Site Analysis
The building is aimed to place around the Suanjatujak park area, which is the centre of transportation because the place is next to BTS, MRT and public bus. So this will be great for all inhabitants who live in this space, especially for disabilities.

The building got inspiration from its context. The shape of the building looks like the limitation of the shophouse style that next to the site. Not only shape but also the function itself also remind people who walking pass of the shophouse in the improved version. 

There actually are 3 parts inside the building. One is the place for commercial. Second is the place for common activities emphasising on the unity of people who live in this habitat . The last one is the space for living 

The most part of building including its function and circulation was always concerned about the use of disability. They have to feel comfy and really get the feeling of family and warmness by receiving the treatment from their neighbourhood who live in the same unit; same room

The facade has two functions. It can be both shading device and shelf. Because the building faced to the West so that during the day time the room might need more light in the space. So the shelf provides the space light indirectly in order to reduce the heat transfer into the space.