Project 3 : The collective Habitat : Partage, Space of sharing '' By Sonthep Photong


Sharing space

          I believe sharing is the foundation of the future prosperity. In society, sharing is an important factor in making a strong social structure and is especially growing more important during this present time. In Bangkok, the urban population is growing at a rapid rate and we cannot deny that living spaces will become a major issue in the upcoming years. Due to this, in order for the urban population to be able to live in harmony, the factor of sharing and openness would become crucial.

           Concept of sharing space is focusing on two opposite inhabitants' lifestyle. An example of two Inhabitants is their career. One of the work at night and the other work as a normal office man, so both of them have a very contrast life in either working and sleeping times table. As a result, The fact that there is gap between time they used room spaces, they could share floor space with one another  A inhabitant able to use floor spaces when B habitant is not around or the other way around.  

           Then it lead to my design proposal

              My habitat units are basically based my beam and column projects which are stacking and moving. Every floor is shifting to create a circulation space within the floor. Building contain 4 elevators installed on both end of the building.  


Facade Construction and Details