Project 3: Collective habitat - "Living Green" by Kiert (Kor) Vitoonwithluck

"Living Green"

Through studiesof social and economic trends, I have seen that Bangkok is starting to move in to "Green" direction which means that they are beginning to produce more public transportation routes, which includes the Skytrain, MRT, BRT, public buses and even rental bikes.

This Leads to my project "Living Green" is the combination of public and private areas, where I have produced more green areas within the city so that people in Bangkok will start to use thee green areas, hopefully changing our culture and making parks more of a place people go to during their free time.

I have chosen my site to be at the Ratchatewi intersection and the reason for this is because the intersection provides the perfect blend of public and private transports.

Below is the top floor plan of the building which shows its functions combined with the units.

Below is the facade drawings and model

Finally here are the renderings of the spaces within the project itself.

                                                               Link to full Resolution

                                                               Link to full Resolution

                                                                Link to full Resolution