Project 3: "Collective Habitat: Linear Public Housing for students" by Napat Kanjanasaya

This part refers back to the previous project phase which is choosing a site (click for previous phase)
and in this part is moving through analysis.

Finding a site to be inhabitable in this specific project requires an observation within the city area
and what I have found is a site that is suitable for a public housing which which inhabit Chulalongkorn students. 

This specific chosen site is located under the freeway structure along Rama 6 rd. Bangkok, Thailand.
it stands about 500 meters in linear directions which would cover 100 individual units

The diagram above shows what elements are around the site which makes it a suitable site for students to inhabit.
The main elements that is needed for my project is is convenient stores, transportation and food which this site have all of these
elements all along the road.
the cost of living in this site is much lower than in the main area of the city which is located 1.5-2 kilometres away so this site
makes an efficient liveable cost expenses for students to afford. this is because the current zone is a zone where local people
also live and actually open convenient store in front of their house which is a shop house, so when there is an existing community
it is possible to create a public housing within the area because it contains existing elements which is needed for human living.

Rendering above shows the surrounding of the site.

Above is a detailed drawing of the building. this is 1 of the 5 sections of the main building which creates 100 individual units.
this one section includes 20 units which spans from one a set of freeway column to another in a length of approximately
100 meters. the building circulation has 2 entry / exit which is linear on a levitated platform which connects from the freeway
columns. the platform which then connects to each individual units.
Each section of the building has some small green space under the walking platform allowing it to be a public playground or
a garden to hang out in addition, having glass funnel which runs down from the platform allowing natural light which comes
down from the gap of the free way to light up underneath.

The unit itself consists of manufactured wood boards which allows the whole unit to mass produced and easily constructed
on site with light weight structure making it cost efficient. Due to problem with light issues underneath the freeway, I have design 
a glass facade all around the unit which allows as much light to come through how ever the glass is a reflective type of glass which means
it eliminates the privacy problem.

Street view perspective impression

Interior rendering