Project 3 :Collective Habitat - Inflatable Apartment

        We are entering the Fifth Epoch of communication; “smart mobbing”. The advancement technology such as the internet and smart phones has revolutionized the act of social interaction. In the future, people will become accustomed to living in seclusion, socializing only through technology. As we become more dependent on our phones (we shop online, chat online, read the news online), we begin to forget what it is like to have physical interactions. This is detrimental to society as a whole due to the fact that interpersonal communication, and physical socialization are aspects crucial to human survival.

       The problem with this is that people lack basic social skills. The act of communication is something that should be in human nature. However, because we are constantly messing with nature and trying to beat it with science, we have somehow lost this basic skill. This would lead to many bad consequences, because if people cannot communicate, how can we hope to work together to help develop society?  

       Thus, the design aims to create an environment that promotes socialization.
 I intend to create a space with ambiguous borders that can fluctuate between personal enclosed spaces as well as shared public areas. There is no fixated boundary between public and private as the lines are blurred. This will allow a sense of flexibility within the space, allowing reality to reveal itself rather than shaping and thus restricting it with architecture.

      A shared apartment could be designed to force interaction between Students. For instance, shared “public” spaces such as kitchens and toilets, as well as well designed circulation spaces could encourage interaction.  

The inflatable Apartment is an apartment for low in come people which are the worker of department store or the worker around this area. Most worker spend to much time on transportation to their office the inflatable apartment is located on the top of Siam Carpark which the in the future people start to not using the car park cause of the new technology so the car park will be just a structure without any function so it's better to create the apartment for low in come worker.