Project 3: "Collective Habitat: H O U N D : Housing for dog lover" by Patteera Chantrasuriyarat

In this part, I start to putting the building on to the site.

          The way of laying the building was designed to be fit 100 units. I aggregated them by using the shape of it that can be fit together and using some of the principle from site analysis for example, sun and natural ventilation.

Looking into the plan
        L I N K

       On the site plan, I was emphasize on the garden and function of it. The design should advantage for the inhabitant which are dog and human. For the facilities, there are swimming pool for dog, space for running around and playground and importantly is toilet for dog. Moreover, I divided the space for public that can come and use the space. This way, it will encourage communities to interact which this design can be benefit communities as well.

typical floor plan

Plan of unit

Plan of unit

          There are 3 type of unit, big, medium and small which each type will be fit for the amount of member that live here. Smallest one will be fit for 1 person with his dog, medium one for couple or small family and the biggest one will be fit for big family for up to 5 people.

Final design . . .

H O U N D - A   P U B L I C  H O U S E

      This is the view of my final design. Here is the view from the bird's eye perspective view which will show the overall of the design with the form finding diagram.


       Here I show the section cut through the garden and the principle of it which including the function and facilities of the garden.

Ground floor - Second floor - Typical floor plan of the 2nd floor

    For the unit, I show the explode view of the unit which will show both interior and exterior. Besides, I also design the façade and the detail drawing of it

interior part and plan


     The atmosphere of the space is showed in the form of animation in the view of dog or the dog's eye view. The first part was the view from inside the toy inside the unit. Next are in the corridor, playground, swimming pool and the field respectively. In the picture, it show the activities that can be done or the view of the inhabitant other than human.