Project 3 : Collective habitat: Gold craft shophouse by Phanwarith Boonyateera

                                                                                            Gold craft shop house 
                                                                                                 in Banglumpoo area

                                                      I dealing with a group of people who doing about gold and jewelry. They are selling a goods and produce a goods in same places. And then for my user who using a time to work a lot of time in a working area but he still to see and relate with his family.
                                       So i design a space in a unit that have a connection space between different level in one unit. And I bring a wall element to design a space that have a different function in different area such as kitchen, working area, office and selling a goods.
                                       For my site where nearly a kaosai road and around a habitat have a lot of market in different type of goods and also different time. In this site have a lot of gold shop around a habitat space and a important temple.
                                    For my one hundred unit, i have divide a floor into two type that are shophouse floor and living floor.  In this habitat have relate an area by in the night time have a night market in a space from a garden