Project 3 : Collective Habitat 'A Balance Between Order and Chaos' by Vorapattr Phornprapha

Achieving a balance between order and chaos.

For the individual habitat. The spaces are designed based on the idea of using the semiotics of the material to encourage order or chaos. The partition elements in the interior are brick based structure creating both straight and distorted surfaces. 
Hence the system of applied semiotics is used based on the functional usage of the particular room on whether it needs to be chaotic or in order. The scaffoldings made of i-beam houses a smaller surface units to fill up the back facade, with the use of texture semiotics and surface manipulation, the entire structure 'invites' for chaos. 

Despite all the architecture had provided, the real chaos is in the eye of the beholder, therefore architecture can only play a small part in introducing chaos, the real chaos must come from the context and inhabitants alone.  Throughout the entire space, the inhabitants would experience a transition from order to balance in between and to chaos gradually. This entire operation promotes the ideal healthy lifestyle. As everybody needs to have roughly a balanced life. In this case the habitat allow for chaos in the most private part of the habitat which would be the bedroom and the kitchen. The more public the space the more the architecture would enforce order. 

The plug in system of the i-beam scaffolding allows the user to manipulate their own space according to their needs, this is done for the chaotic side to promote the idea of creating one's own chaos, as chaos in general has very different views from various perspective.