Project 3 "Collective Habitat: Baan-Mai " by Suthida Lertpanichphan

B A A N - M A I 
-The new house for the Old Thais-

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“How to become modern and to maintain roots in one’s cultural past?” 
- Paul Ricoeur -

The new public housing for the conservative Thai people who still yearning for
the old way of living. 'BAAN-MAI' or the new house is located on the side of Chao Phraya River
in Wat Kalayanamit community.

 The site is suitable for this new apartment due to its surroundings. This area is considered as 
historical district of Bangkok, which it wold contain of many national heritage such as
Kalayanamit temple and Wichaiprasit fort. Another fact that is happening in the area is 
the issue of 'Expropriation.' 

The expropriated area got use and rebuild a new public housing which could contain more people
and people who used to live there could move in and still having the same old view.
Each unit would contain elements that represent Thai culture and tradition. The old house 
was using as a typology. Such as the elevated floor plan, terrace and the use of Wooden material.

The facade also use the materials from the old houses that got expropriated so it would have
many texture and so called 'recycled facade.'

Perspective section of the building showing the relationship between interior and exterior 

Atmosphere of the walkway that face the two different sides.
 Above is looking at the temple, the bottom one is turning toward river and Wat Arun

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