Project 3: "Collective Globes: Bridging Symbiosis" by Eakapob Guide

Further progressed from the previous phases, this final phase of Collective Habitat was initially processed through the investigation  of a specific site where the structure will prospectively be situated.
By the nature of the modular structure that could be flexible, adaptive and doesn't root to any specific site, the structure takes its form accordingly to the function it provides to the site and the surrounding context.
The selected site is an area over the Chaoprayariver and located between the two major bridge routes of Bangkok. The site is at the Si-Praya pier where well-known shopping Rivercity Shopping mall and major Hotels are situated. The Si-praya pier is also used daily by the pedestrians to cross over the river to the other site where a local market "Talard Klongsarn" is. The surrounding is also densely resided by locals there is also lack of major green space within the context.
Through this properties that the selected site is best for the project to be structured.

Proceeded after the analysis of the site, the model of the structure was refined with changes and adaptions of form and functions to fit to the site.
The collective structure together form a mega structure extended to both sides of the river functioning as a bridge yet emphasizing itself as an area for public park and farm. This public structure does not only provide a bridging area for the pedestrians but also bringing back massive green space into one of the most dense area in Bangkok city. The park/farm also promote the trend of urban farming and could act as an educational space and also reminding us the traditional Thai agricultural identity.
Exploded Axonometric surounding surrounding sites and the programs within

Perspective Scenarios: A view from above, view within and a view upon entering

Massing-experimental model of assembling modules

Construction model of the residential modules