Project 3: 'The Coexistence' by JP Jakkaphan Luengvattanavut

The Coexistence

Public housing for single adult shop owner


The final phase ask for the public housing which require the 100 unit of living space which is developed from the  previous phase. In this phase, i am trying to make the sense of the community as the market place because of the single unit is a shop so, i going to create the open air department store with connected to my site which is Lumpini park. Because of the idea of the vision connection, so i try to arrange each unit to have a vision to the footpath.

All around the site have so many facility as the hospital, clinic, university, market place, or the transportation system as the BTS or MRT and also it is about the environmental park which all of this thing are support for the adult people.

The diagram show the surround facility around the site

Nearby the site have a lot of noise surround building ,so i design building to face inside the Lumpini park le the back face the road.

The building consist of 3 floor and a bit set back in each floor because of the vision to the site and also become the shading device to the floor under.

View around the building

Plan & arrangement

Each floor, i designs in different reason as the ground floor which need to interact with people so i let each unit face to the footpath and for the second floor have the corridor and a bit set back to become the shading device for the first floor.The third floor which is the highest level so, i let t become cafe with the best vision.

Final layout