Project 3 : Around the kitchen by Kittitat Kiattanavith

Around the kitchen

Last phase is about creating 100 units for selected inhabitant.  I choose chef or person who have same income range (mid-high class).  In the future when citizen of Bangkok started to realize that nothing is healthy and clean of what they eat.  So that they start to cook more often in their house or their habitat.  Also for chef who always searching for new recipe and new method of cooking need such a big and easy to clean kitchen.

As a plan above is first draft of the building, I design building that have very good ventilation, checker board pattern is the key to let wind in and out also a vertical fin that let air pass trough but be a good shading device.

Plan of the building has changed a little due to divide space, cloister as a private space and front of the building as a public space.  Each room will have balcony-like in front of their room for sharing space and transportation placed.

Column is what very stand out in this building, spiral steel and expanded I beam form a hexagon shape and it is a main structure of this building.  Each room have 3 point of column to support it self and floor above and below.  I beam also act as a shading device and facade in it self.