Project 3" Adoption Home" by Pathumphorn Niramitsrichai

"HOME is a place for family".The collective house is not designing for my clients who are the adopted kids and their guardians only but also for the regular family and the married couple. The architecture use geometry and colour to attend people also other kids who live in the area of Baan Ratchawithi. orange is physiologically effect people to communicate and be energetic, the color is also stand for friendly meaning. Pale yellow is calm people down.

 Since most of people in the building are kids, they would spend most of their time at home, they cannot going without adult.The most important area for the building is the same idea for the most important area in the unit that is the sharing space. The space where adult and kids are able to spend time together. In the public area there garden, big court and library. The public space is open from ground floor to the highest level allow ventilation and visual connection from ground floor to upper floor so parents can watch their kids from walkway and balconies in front of their unit.

The public space is continue up to the second level hove ever this place is a sum private place for those who live in the building. the area is open and face to the west side. there's two big swings for kids and adults to chilling in the space. 
The building include 3 types of unit which all of them have the family sharing space as the main area. the massing of the building is array according to the entrance and other housing in the area. The unit for adoption family is about 10 percents of all units.