Project 03 "The Litheness" by Kritjarruwat Aphirathiran

In the next future world of business, Bangkok is one of the most power country in the world and many people would like to come and take a place to live in Bangkok to study and learn the culture to bend into the city. It will be the center of the whole business all around the world

Silom is one of the most business that occur in Thailand , there are so many aspect that happen in this site. Even shopping mall, various type of restaurant, hospital, hotel, large park (Lumpini Park), public transport, and Business area.

The site I choose is located in silom soi 6 there is a huge open space that in the middle of the soi and it surround with many restaurant and office building.

 Rendering View

Section Elevation

Three Type Floor Plan

Detail Space

The Unit

The space is divide into three session which is ground level that is the shopping area that I create to make the space bend into the culture of this site not to make it out standing to the environment. Second is the rooftop gardening that I try to make a connection to the site which in the section you can see that the garden level will connect to the rooftop of the other building, it will act as a skywalk which provide the green space and all the way to BTS. Third is housing, it I provide 8 unit for each floor, as you can see in Plan drawing they all share one visual contact at the center which allow them to see the garden level and it can divide into semi sharing that each four unit will have the semi center that they can come and eating together as a family, but if someone is not comfortable with they can choose to close the boundary.