Project 3: Collective Habitat; Construction Workers House by Amornrat (Amy) Nateethong

One of the problems we find today in Bangkok is poor living condition of certain groups of people, construction worker is one of them. In this project we design a new public housing for construction workers, so that it could imporve their life style also with better and safer house to live in, as well as facilities such as laundry, grocery store, market, car park and a garden. We also allow worker’s family members to stay at this place, so that they can stay together.
Normally The construction company always provide workers house for workers to live near the working site, so that they do not have to travel very far to go back home everyday and for them get to work on time, once the building is done, worker house is knocked down and workers have to move to settle at a new construction site. Because of this the company always build the working house from the cheapest material and easiest way to save money and times, they do not care about how workers would live, workers have to live in a very poor housing condition that does not even reach a minimum hosing standard and comfort.

New workers house is located at where the original workers house is, sukhumvit 22 (we love the king road). According to the existing site boundaries, there is a very prominent sharp point within the site. In my design I want to take advantage of this point and incorporate it into the design of my building. I did this by designing a sharp facade to eemphasisethe point on the site. The facade is both aesthetic and functional. It is functional in the sense that it provides shading as well as defines space by creating a private area without fully enclosing the people within that area. Therefore, my architecture design for this housing is like a sculpture wrapping a courtyard inside the space.

On the ground floor of the building is public space where there are market, grocery store, laundry, car park, garden and a football court. Where as the upper floor are residential area which are all facing to the courtyard in the middle so that every room have the same view to the nature. On the 4th floor, there are sky walking linking between buildings so that workers can take a short cut to go to their friends room.

There are 3 types of room units, smallest one is for 1 person, middle size is for 2 people, workers can live with their friend or couple, and the biggest size is for a family, no larger than 4 people. The way I design the room size is not right a the minimum housing size, but big enough for them to comfortably do their everyday life activities, such as living room must be big as they always invite friends to sit and hang out, it is also a dining area.

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Facade of the building follows the same shape of the building which is pointy, it does not only act as a sun shading, it is also a decoration to the building.