Domestic Dormitory

This project called 'Domestic Dormitory', my inhabitant is the student of faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University, So I started with studying their routines and activities, what do they do on each time of the day, what's the main activity they appreciate to do. So I separated the activities into 4 main ideas, which are, working, cooking, dinning, and resting

We chose the site at Samyan district, because Samyan district is the best location for Chulalongkorn University students and staffs, its closed to the university and cheap for rental because, the owner of the land is Chulalongkorn University.

This is the structure of the building, I created the separation of room from the reinforced concrete and the facade details.

This is the plan details that I developed the activities I studied in phase one of my inhabitant and I mostly design on the furniture, I play with the transforming furniture in order for user to adjust the space, like they can choose what the activity they wanted to do on each time, and the plan consists of 4 main modular furniture, which work as the cooking space, working and dinning space, resting space, and the other one is closet.