Collective Habitat 2.3 Community Dormitory, Natthawipa Sangkakit

Collective Habitat
"The new type of community for University students"

A community where it creates a both a home and society for the university kids. It is a dorm that helps create a space where all students could meet and have a shared space. 

In one unit it can occupy two students. In each unit there are three layers of privacy. The bedroom is a separated space which is the most private layer. The second layer contains a dining space, toilet, and a living room space. This layer is open to the third layer. The third layer is an endless corridor from one end to the other. It is similar to a place for hanging out and it is seemingly almost connected to the second layer.
The ground floor the third layer is linked with the large field where activities are held. A large area where students can hangout and play sports.

Every unit is stacked identically. And held by long beams. Each unit is stacked according to that the tip of every bedroom connects to each other. 

 The facade of the unit is different in each room. It can be located by the user itself how dark or light they want their room to be.