Project 3 : 'Sanitizing Collective Habitat' by Satang Wongwisetsuk

Land for living is not enough for the population in the city, land price became very high especiallly living area, where all buildings are tightly built. There are no roads and walkway left since people started to take over and build their habitat on it. The government then came up with a solution to build a skywalk and sky train to make sure that the citizen can transport.  

However, there is an area where it gets abandon which is a brownfield. People avoid building on this brownfield because it is very dirty and unhygienic, they are afraid of infections.
I decided to use this area as my site for the public housing in the future.
The future public housing will be situated on the skywalk over the brownfield.
There will be no part of the building that touch the dirty ground except the core to make sure that people wont be in risk of getting infected.

Plan Pedestrian Level 

Plan Lobby Level

Lobby Perspective : Cleaning Station

Typologies of Units : Unit Design