Project 3: 'OKTO, Multi Generation Housing for the Aging Society' by Vipavee Weerarattrakoon

OKTO Multi-Generation Public Housing
For the Aging Society

             The final phase required the massing of the units from last phase into a collective habitat of 100 units.

             In the previous phase, the condition of the future habitat was defined as creating public housing for the ageing society as the majority of the population will be ageing over 60 in the next 30 years. The conditions that came along with the problem of the ageing society are the need to provide physical necessities and also taking care of the problems of feeling isolated and depressed that happened to elderly that can feel left out of the society.

             The manifesto to design public housing to cope with the aging society will aim to create sense of community within the living units and engage social interaction. OKTO public housing will accommodate multi generations dwellers not only just the elderly but as well as the young generations living together with the sense of community.

Final Layout

Site and Massing

Site: Empty plot in Royal Thai Navy Welfare Flats, Thung Mahamek, Sathorn District
The site was a quiet and calm neighbourhood not so busy and crowded but can be easily accessible into the city center area y public transportation.
The massing of the 100 units was arranged according to the site area. The units in the empty plot in front of the existing flats were aligning with the flat buildings and have 3-4 stories so not blocking the view of the flats whilst the units set infront of the street have 6 stories to maximising spatial capacity.

Programs and Facilities

            The ground floor provide the needed facilites within the housing with the plaza close to the street and inside provided the facilities such as fitness, laundry, pool, and lobby for the dwellers. The first floor is the parking lot with 100% capacity ratio to the units. 

 Typical Floor Plan

         The units have 3 types: Single unit, couple , and family unit to accomodate variety of people in various generations. All the units are accessible through  the circulation tower in the center of four surrounding module with stairs and elevator for the elderly. The circulation tower is hung from the structure which is opened throughout the entire floor connecting to the access by small bridges.


                           All the units will shared the center space as semi public space shown in the section with garden and green space which allow flow ventilation and let light into the units. The balcony also act as a gate for social interaction to the adjacent units as the can come to meet in the centre and also can watch out for each other while if they want privacy they can retrieve back into their units.


The facade uses the pattern derived from the pattern of the units and using precast concrete panel with glass facade and some opening to allow light into the space.


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Perspective Section