Project 3: The Collective Habitat: "Disabilities Habitat" by Nachapol Kasemsuwan

Project 3 :The Collective Habitat, Disabilities Habitat


                                                                                             Inhabitant Report

Thailand is one of the countries that are overwhelmed with hierarchic system of rich and poor long before Tom Yum Kung Crisis. Not everyone receive the same level of opportunity and treatment. The worst of all are those that suffer with a disability.

There are more than 10,000 families that suffer by poverty and have to take care their disability child. It is unfortunate that around 22% doesn’t receive proper education because of many poverty factors. Some patients live with a single parent that suffers from low income. Some patients don’t have sufficient money to cure diseases that may be dangerous to life. According to the statistic of disability, uneducated children in Bangkok, the highest number of disability is “Amputation Disability”. These groups of people need to be treated both in physical and mental health in different ways from other people. It is better for them to live in the same habitat, so that people can take care all of them and learn how to get along with our society more effectively.

24 hours care is unavoidable for them, it is important to stay near health care center. Their health itself is already in bad condition, they need green space and good ventilation of the air. Some patients require equipment assistance like prosthetic or wheelchair, which require some space to move around with it.

Approximately 44.4% of amputation disability patients need equipment assistance, which later on become part of their daily life. It is inevitable for them to demands more space. Some place they might not be able to access especially when shifting in ground level occurs. Solutions to access are to understand them limits of height they can reach and access. All space should act like an open space that connects by one continuous surface.

This public housing is the solution for those unfortunate people. This habitat located right next to Rama 9th hospital, with provide full health care facilities. The spacing is design according to the concept of “Shifting of Ground Level”, considering wheelchair user. Mainly is about how to connect space that has strong effect to its relation between outside and inside. An angle and distance between each units and public space are well organized considering how far one need to move.

The gap between rich and poor need to be reduce. Giving an opportunity to disabilities and their family is like giving them future and our future.

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There is large open space on the opposite of selected site, divide by Rama 9th Rd. But I choose to turn the back of the design on this side. The main reason is noise created by highway above the road. On the other side are 2 tall buildings. Rama 9th hospital and Golden Tulip Hotel. It doesn’t’ block that much of vision and further more, there are around 30 meters offset of the hotel and the side. I use the constraint appear on my selected site as a guideline to design my habitat, include orientation and spacing. This is my answer or how outside relate to the inside of the design.

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According to the book report I research about inhabitant, I develop a concept to design this public housing, which are “ Shifting in Ground Level”. Enhance by my developed hexagonal waffle cantilever structure beam, the building become influence by these concepts and hexagonal grid system. The building itself doesn’t have to appear to be hexagonal, I use mix between hexagonal structure and straight line connect one and other. The main aspect I use is the hexagon angle. It appears on most of the turning path in the building.  Further more, there is slightly different in angle of hexagon waffle structure on the ceiling, created different depth of shadow when light reflects.

The over all composition of the room is shifting up and down create one smooth curve line from far vision. The main aspect is the one can see outside and inside at the same time. The small bits of the building end was twist outward reviewing the inside path beside units. An in the main entrance is when the units shift up review the inertial back side. This path will surely emphasis the existence of this design and become memorable part.

Through section, there are 3 interesting aspect of using cantilever ideas. The light would be able to shine through the center part of the building. Secondly, an absent of units can give some light as well as semi public space for units that locate near it. Lastly, the front of the building will cast more shadow and create nice outdoor space.

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This interior parts consist with ramps that move up and down. The path that runs be hide the habitat building is the key element that guide whole structure to shift in a particular ways. These slope are connected to other floor due to it slowly shifted up and down by 50 cm.  The path compose of 2 layers, one connect to the units and the handrail. The one locate close to units shift more than the outer one. The reason is as one makes their way through the path, they could choose either to walk on flat path with fewer slopes or another one. This could be considering by their final destination. Each floors contain an area created by an absent of units. It is a semi public space for those who live here to gather.

Since the concept of this public housing is “Shifting in Ground Level”. It is necessary to consider the nearest part to inhabitant, handrail. The way handrail welded and form particular pattern is the concept itself. It was so design that the concept apply to the smallest object to whole building.

Top Floor of Public Housing consists of horizontal garden with walking track for working and running exercise. In the center of the garden located public swimming pool

2nd-5th floor of Public Housing consists of patient waiting room, Dr. offices and learning center like classroom.

Ground floor of Public Housing is the center of public activities includes Fitness room, cafeteria and verities of sports center like table tennis, badminton court, etc.

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Each units are strongly influence by the concept of “Shifting of ground level”. With this normal people and disability can live together normally. This façade apply on each units was also design under the concept of “Shifting of ground level”. It is one of the most important parts that express idea and concept be hide design. This element itself is the face that the cover building. The way it was shift distorted vision of ground level. Vision from far away will be like curve line moving up and down, while up-close is a series of box shifting up and down. The effect of looking at the building surface is different too. As one approach the building, angular from hexagonal shape become more visible.

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