Project 3: "Collective Habitat Retreat" by Suphasek Ruangraweewat

Collective Habitat Retreat

We are living in a chaotic society, in a complicating world. We confront disappointment and uncertainties each day, but we have to admit that we are getting used to it, and slowly, we are adapting to it. We have to admit that 'stresses,' have become a part of our life, a part of our unconsciousness that is, slowly and subtly, consuming us inside out. 

People can no longer live with simplicity. We find simplicity adulterated and alienated when we confront it. You may say that, the phone you are using is designed with simplicity, and the shirt you are wearing is plain and minimal, but you have to admit that simplicity is only expressed on the cover of those objects. The inside of it is filled with complexity beyond our understanding, from its process of creating, its function, and its actual structure. Similarly, you may speak less, but not one second that your brain stops you from thinking. 

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Architecture would now play role, to provide a space of retreat, right at the domestic space of a person, as if a shelter from the chaotic world outside. This retreat space would bring architecture down to its most simplicity, to its most orderly and austerity arrangement.

Sets right in the busiest spot in Bangkok, 'Silom,' an intersection of the business spot, entertainment spot, and transportation spot, provides the best contrast to the aim of the project. This piece of architecture aims to neutralize all its context. When looking from the inside of the building, all the chaos and entropies of the oustide are neutralized, and served as a retreat for the user of the space.

The building sets on a plinth, to give a sense of transition for the visitors. Although being right in a very active spot, the plinth gives a sense of transition, as if entering another world of totally opposite environment. 

The unit are mainly divided into three spaces. First, the main empty space right in the middle of the room, provide nothing but emptiness to allow the users to relax and focuses on nothing but the view, while all the functional spaces are hidden in the two sides of the room, covered with partitions. Different spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, and toilets are all kept in the two sides of the room. The third space is the cloister which is personal to the user.

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Site Analysis
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