Project 3: "Collective Habitat: Attki odos:Interactive housing services for the rural population " by Janpata

The proposed architecture is intended to act as a catalyst that injects
itself into an existing town center and amplifies public activity
through large scale entertainment , as a way to intensify,
bring together and restart the suburbs in the capitol.

Sectional plan
link to full resolution
link to full resolution

So this project act as a huge catalyst that inject itself into an existing town centre and amplifies public activity through large scale of infrasrtructure as a way to intensify bring together and restart rurals in the capitol. and remind us of the importance of the public activities space as it’s plays a crucial role in the formation of our future society.and that make them become a part of a collective whole. A places where our differences meet & our lifestyle choices

  connected highway floor plan

Site Analysis : Ratchaprarop,
Khwaeng Makkasan,
Khet Ratchathewi,
Placing the area that is the most intersecting of highway in Thailand
that bring all rural population together
to bring people together : centralization
to re-arranging the space : decentralization

view out from the individual unit
connecting floor