Project 3: "144 Habitats" by Pipe Santawat Chienpradit


            I believe that many people would like to have there own time to clear them self also to understand our self. This is how it work my project is to give a space to the people enough space per people to let you live minimal not carry much thing to make worry about wha you have because with out worry you will get very comfotable time.

This is the room that was only 2 square meter. Why? Where is other? The thing is what you really need for you private is the room that protect you from the out side world. If you look at in side you got bad also a chair at the same time how ever you have EV and light also the window glass that like fisheye lens that can give you a beautiful city and view. 

you can understand more from this picture and VDO.

This is the plan the cut in to two place at the same time The normal floor that give a public living space until to bathroom how ever the top floor we have free activity on the top floor.

How many unit are here?

Each side will be 12 room there will be two side that become 24 per floor.
2 floor for each section that will be 48 unit. In the end there is 3 section that make it 144 unit.

"How was the light ?"

The reason that this building become this shape because of the light condition. I what every room to have sun light that why each room have fisheye lens as a window. also this shape help you get the light more easy than other shaper you will see from the video.