Project 2 : The individual habitat " The living space " by Thanapat Sriprasert

I believe that traffic problem in Thailand would never be solve and my idea is not to fix it but to reduce it. My purposal is that one of the major cause of traffic jam is public parking which block the road. Mostly happen on the side of the street next to office, condominium or urban zone where parking is require and population is uncontrol. To reduce this is to provide the parking space within the living space.The inhabitant that I focus on is a office worker as from my research I found that most of the worker own at least one private vehicle for transportation which make the number of the car to be enormous.

At the begining, I experimenting on possibility of material and unique properties of such material such as veneer wood and glue laminate wood for element such as column, wall and beam. Mostly focus on the function that need to be strong through it shape such as an arch made from laminate wood. 

Secondly, I analysis on he site that I choosen,Sarm yarn, where there is an intersection of residentail zone and economic zone such as paragon and sarm yarn residence. The result is very clear that the place that have high population and require parking spaces, people will often park onn the side of the road and later cause traffic jam.
 My design's public housing is in verticle shape due to the site available and in cylinder shape to allow more access to the condominium where parking space is providing on each living unit. The vehicles are transport by the car's elevator at the core of the two tower where the common spaces are provide in the middle. This common spaces are car wash area, roof garden and small office for working in team. Each unit is fit for one to two persons with addition of kids.