Project 3 : "100 Habitats" by Thosaporn Toedsukbodee

LA Public Housing Ratchathewi

The building developed from the function of the unit that concerning about how to received the indirect natural to the main space of the unit that caused the building's form to be like a stadium structure.

In front of the building provided a public space where the drone for transportation (Shopping online) could be landed, then the user come and pick it up. That space also provided as a park that deep in for 1 meter where the people activities there to be sense of the enclosure of space and also doesn't block the view from the surrounding, so the people from another side could visualize through the space.


The context research further more in-depth of most of the facilities that provided around and also green space that found to be so less with in the site surrounding. 

The main 4 sides of the building ,which are north side where it is sided to the infrastructure of the bright, East side that related to the 5th floor car parking lot of The Address Condominium, South ,where the one of entrance of the building located connecting with the COCO-WALK or one  of the entertaining area of Ratchathewi District and last one on west direction that the user can circulated directly to the BTS Ratchathewi.


The 100 units were form by the shape of the unit that direct the way of the arrangement. Each of the unit MUST NOT interrupted with the roof window on the top of the unit that allowed sun shade to pass through the roof facade and direct again to the unit's roof. The units stack horizontally together and vertically shifted for the form arrangement to fit perfectly for the 100 units.


The activities below provided as a public space that allowed the user to bring the outsiders to play some sport like badminton that could be modified later for other purpose. On the Lobby area, there is cafeteria space provided with a WIFI accessible.


There are 242 slots of car parking 1 meter underneath the ground level, which circulated with Phetchaburi Road and Phraya Thai Road.


The boulding form by the visualization from the context on that corner which included with The Address Condominium edge and COCO-WALK edge plus the portion of unit formation. From the edges of two existing building created a form of th public space in front of the building.

Link to Full Resolution pdf

The view from the 6th floor to the public space on the first level, where all of the users share an equal view of subjects around the context.

From the surrounding footpaths, the concrete wall create a partition between the building and the surrounding context.

The lobby area where it mixed with cafeteria to provoke people about what's more underneath the private space.

The sport area underneath is provided to motivated people to use their physical body and interact with each other like a community that happen by sport activity.

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