The individual habitat "E-SARN Community & Exhibition Center" by Pornkamol Sutantawong

The site that I collected for Udornthani is at BANGKRAPI, East Side of Bangkok.
At Bangkrapi, Happyland Center offers a place to promote and sell the OTOP products, 
supporting the goods from the community.

The main idea is to announce the Bangkrapi province characteristic goods, increasing 
the chance of selling the products. This gives the money back to the people in the community, 
plus it provide the motivation to improve their production quality.
Nevertheless, it holds a unique event for the visitors, such as hair cutting salon, foot massage. 
They give out great suggestions about the knowledge of accounting and expenses.

The space is designed to be a gathering place for numerous people from each provinces. 
It is specifically representing the characteristic of Udon province. The interior furnitures are made
 from materials which are well-known from Udon province, reflecting the atmospheric feeling, 
in order to give a sense of Udon within the interior.