Collective habitate: New community, urban Tradtional market

Urban Traditional Market

The design process started with understanding the inhabitant in the area, and finding the needs and problem of the groups of people. The groups of people i choose to design for is people living in china town. I did research and observation to understand the houses of people in china town. shop house is the most common housing typology in the area. I choose 2 shop houses in the area as a case study, one facing the main road and another one in an alley way.

The first house i looked at is a house facing the alley way. from this house I found the interesting idea the people use to arrange thier house in the area, which is Fung Sui. they arrange the rooms according to the rules in Fung sui. 
In this house, the main problem is not enough sunlight and ventilation. the compact blocks make the shop houses only have one side that will have contact to sunlight, and the time is limited, therefore the house turn on the light for nearly the whole day which is really wasteful and not nesessary, so maybe the shop houses can be design to allow sunlight and ventilation to come in. 

The second house that i looked at is a shop house that face a main road, compare to the first building, these buildings have less problem with sunlight and ventilation, just that the because of the arrangement of the house according to Fung sui limit the amount of space that people can use for their shop and storage space. and because of the combination of shop and house, they move blend into each other. in this house the family also stored their product in their living space, which reduce the amount of living space and also lower their quality of life while moving around the product when they walk in their house. 

after knowing these problem i list out the need of the family and create a design method for designing the house.

1. the family house need to be design according to basic rule of Fung sui

2. the public space and private space should have some seperation          

3. the size of the room should be define according to the space needed    

4. the design should solve lighting problem and ventilation problem       

therefore to reach the first point i did some research about Fung sui and the rule, i found out some connection from the rules to some basic logic, therefore i uses the logic to place the rooms

the second thing i did is using circle to define space needed and shape of the block solve point 2 and 3. This make sure that all the spaces have enough area and the curve created barrier to seperate private area and public area.


I choose my site to be China town, because this is the group of inhabitant i choose to design for, and i choose the people in the traditional, old market area, because this is the place where I did the case studies.

I did more research on the area, and try to understand the culture, the people and the atmosphere in the area. trying to see people's routine in the area. and started to plan about house will the block be place according to the original house that is in the area. 

Building block

After understanding the site, i start to design the block according to the rules and need i stated before. to create enough space for shop and for private area by using circles as measurement, and also try to bring in sunlight and ventilation to the space.

I created a system to place the floors together according to the people and need of space, therefore the house is design according to the need of the family and also the facade is design according to sunlight and where the sun shines into the space, to let sunlight come into the space but not creating a heating effect to the building. there is 2 facade type that gives different effect onto the building, and they are use in different place according to the sunlight.

the structure of the building is meant to cost less and effecient so i choose to use metal deck floor slab combine with concrete walls with column inside and steel round hollow profile to support the fabric facade. 

 the arrangement of the block is created by trying to fit in 100 block into the area. with larger shop area, the house in front of the building will be a shorter building to fit into the area. the side of each row of house arrangement will be a smaller ones which will create public spaces in the area. these spaces can be use as resting area, meeting area or planting area in the community.

Interior of the houses

after designing the outside of the building the interior is also an important part for a house, therefore I design the interior according to the Fung sui that people in china town belief in, which connects to the material in each area. the color that should be in each area according to the basic rules of Fung sui.