Project 3: "Collective Habitat: Kin Project : Modular Housing Solutions for Extended Families" by Sansern Prapa-apirat

The final phase of the project addresses massing of the units from the previous phase. to creating public housing project. 

The Kin Project's main objective is to preserve the valuable traditions and culture passed down through systems of extended families that is almost lost in today's urban lifestyle.Project deals with the Rural movement to an urban context, expressing the identity of the dwellers, as well as promote interactions between families of different cultures. To conserve the family structure and preserve the on-going tradition of extended family dwellings against the dying culture of today's concrete jungle.

The Project started with only the modular structur skeleton. As time progresses families grow expand  getting denser through time. a Timeline drawing.

Sectional Axonometric : Link To Full Resolution PDF

Structure Systems of the entire Project
Exploded Structural Systems : Link to Full Resolution PDF

Site Analysis : Growth & Density :

Using only a small area of land adjacent to government owned land (canal)
the government can cut huge costs. The particular site "Rama 9 Junction" has high potential to be exponentially increasing in density (buildings & population). A fine site for preparation.

Canonical View : Living Conditions
Canonical View : Link to Full Resolution PDF

Room Typologies :
a great diversion of people would be moving into this structure as couples. each room expresses their living style and personal cultural identity. The project encourages people to "customize" their own spaces.

Perspective From the Road

Perspective from the Canal
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Typical Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Plans : Link to Full Resolution PDF

Allocation Policy