The inhabitat by Kann Wangzuekul

The collective habitat - A room design for newly graduated and a monthly salary worker.

Background of the inhabitants is that they were born in the province and were living in that area since kid. But as they grow old they need to get knowledge and looking for a better opportunity to make more money, since most of them were born in low and middle class family.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It is a place where people come looking for opportunity and job. But a big city doesn’t have only the bright side, people that are living in the city has to face with a lot of people especially the low and middle class people. The main problem for this group of people is the high cost of living, for example due to the high land price it is the main factor that result to high rental price, food, transportation, and etc.

So my propose idea is to build an architecture on a place where its locate in central area of Bangkok and near by the transportation. But if the architecture were built on the flat land it wouldn’t be different from condominium. So instead of doing that I found a new place where the architecture can be built. To Built on top of BTS station is the solution. Because it meets with the 2 constrains. The architectural itself is base on the idea of transformable space. Since to be living in city, it is very tight and dense, so the space should be able adjust to meet the needs of user and maximize the function of space. The space should provide the user both privacy and public, also give the user the sense of his or her own characteristic style.

Site location - Siam square

How the over all design will look 

Please enjoy :D