"Systematic Future Vision student dormitory inspired by routines" - by Thanyathorn Mateekusontan

The vision of Bangkok city in my project based on a systematic idea of organising spaces, which my future vision is that people's life's routines have effects the design of architecture both publicly and privately.

In my Manifesto, I chose to design a unit of dormitory for Chulalongkorn University faculty of Business Management student, where she lives in dormitory alone with a very systematic space design, specifically according to my character's routines, starting from her waking up in the morning until walking out the door. I specify all the details of her everyday routines, differences from Mon-Fri, and Sat-Sun. To apply the routines on my design.




As you can see from my canonical view collage, I divided my space into five walls. From door area to kitchen area to dresser and bathroom to bed and study area, then to free space activities area. Where in this collage I show all the things that are included into designing my space.

Follow on my design, relating to my previous beam, wall, and column projects, I only apply to my last "wall" project into my design. The concept of my wall project is the idea of gradient of transparency, where using pieces of vertical woods to design space using density and openings, depending on the angle you see the wall.

This concept apply on my design where I designed a systematic detailed wall that fits her routine. As you can see in my Isometric View drawing. Most of the space and walls are combinations of vertical woods, and zooming into the details, you'll see how small things are arranged, and set on exactly where they should be.

Lastly, my site place, I chose an area that is currently on empty space right now around the campus, where I think could be most developed since the area is very large and could be developed environmentally, such as trees and it's convenient for university students with all public routines like cheap restaurants, drinking areas, and sport complex.