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Single Parent

Unfortunately as the time passes and the cities grown thing change and people does too. Talking about the changes of people, now a day the number of the marriage couple had forcefully drop down, in the contract from the rate of divorce that keep going up rapidly in the recent 10 year. In detail as we all know that family institute, are to be consider as one of the most important role for children in order to help them learn, grow and develop themselves toward good behavior.

Therefore As an architecture student I believe that the good design in architecture is not only a good looking but also consider as the building where the user can have interaction in to the space and can create an good environmental and living quality to the occupant. For that reason I aim to created a public housing, which gathers around single parent.  As a small community of there this same situation parent are a various benefits applied to all. For example, the gathering of kid so they won’t feel lonely or even feels that they are different from other kid (reduce the comparison among other) . And in advance during the weekday or weekend if one of the parent are not free or un able to taking care of their child the other neighbor can do so, by having the connection between each room in curtain unit. So you child don’t fell like pushing away or leave out in the different place. Also the parent doesn’t have to worry about having their child entrust. Thus when both parent and child are contentedly to the living condition. The life quality would be improved.