"Project KIN : Modular Housing Solution for Extended Families" by Sansern Prapa-apirat

Project 2:1 

This projects deals with a design solution for extended families in an intensely packed urban environment in the near future, as government takes more control of people lives, forcing families to move in to cities from their rural origins. To conserve the family structure and preserve the on-going tradition of extended family dwellings.

 The Canonical View : The Canonical view portrays the living condition of an extended family living unit. Maximum of 9 members per unit.

Isometric Drawing : Explains the function of  a single unit of living space, its components as well as its structural elements.

Site : A Potential site for the project

Manifesto: An explanation of the vision portrayed in this project, What happens in the near future, what the problem is and, the direction towards solving those problems.

Inhabitant Report: The client of this project deals with extended families from rural areas in both specific and generic aspects.