Project 2.1 Individual habitat by Thosaporn Toedsukbodee


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Everyday physical interaction among human has been dramatically changed due to the growing importance of social media and espe- cially the Smartphone. We are so comfortable with this technology of the 21th century; our routine has been merged with it that rapidly change within a decade ago. Most of humanity lives interact through several of factors that depend on technology like Smartphone, computer, tablets, etc. Smartphone seems to be the most efficient device where people connected worldwide with this generation. Internet that connects people with no distance required, which now in our hand, which is a technology that leads our future. Human life would depend on it, next to where you are. The smartphone is one of the major factors that you can even feel it in our society.

Since interior space will become a major role of how human will be in the future, the space should encourage people to move or activate to the surrounding. The space could go along the technology, but not encourage it; it must be prevented from stop human interaction with the surroundings. How smartphone and interior space is stimulating our senses as a human being, which is a question of how the interior or should be designed as. 

The design circulation is to provided the space to the minimum area in the center to seperated the acitities inside the cocoon space and the daily routine.

Smartphone now stimulates only on our senses of vision and hearing only, which means that it’s not provide on how we interact with other physicists. It now provides application like fitness or exercise applications that encourage on peoples' health, but still create isolation in human. Interior space should reduce to the minimum usage of daily activities so the spacious interior is not enough and encourage you to spend time outside rather than inside.

That concluded to the site that has been chosen according to the surrounding activities and services, as the units would become a model for public housing. The surrounding activities must be concerned about how we could interact with it like a mall, or convenient stores.